How Hard is it to Hook up with a Ladyboy in Pattaya?

A lot of men who come to Thailand for business or pleasure (it’s usually a combination of both) think about the possibility of meeting a local trans woman. Some visitors to this coastal city wonder what it would be like to date a Pattaya ladyboy. There are even travelers who see seeking a Thai ladyboy as the purpose of their trip. Are you in this category? Maybe, if you’re reading this. You better not rely on running into one by accident. We’ll tell you all you need to know about hooking up with a local trans woman in this article.

In Pattaya, there are a few different places to meet trans women, each with their pros and cons. These include ladyboy bars, go go clubs, and online dating sites. We recommend the last option. Why? Read on to find out. 

In the area of Soi 13/1, there are a few exclusively ladyboy bars. Two notable ones are Stringfellows and La Bamba Bar. Ladyboys run the vast majority of bars here, as you might be surprised to know.

Over the past few years, the popularity of Soi Buakhao has soared. There are about six or seven ladyboy bars here. We recommend one called Baby Boom, located in a quiet, short alley. It is a discrete place to meet or take someone on a date with a relaxing ambiance, the perfect place to chill out.

The alcoholic beverages ladyboy bars serve are quite affordable. Even if you don’t meet anyone, you can enjoy a nice drink. You’ll have a good time, we assure you. 

The most popular way to meet trans women in this lovely coastal city is through ladyboy dating sites. This is a great idea if you’re new to the scene or are worried about being seen with a local ladyboy in public (for whatever reason). However, the city is open, accepting, and tolerant, so you need not have any worries about that.

There are many sites to choose from with thousands of trans women online at any time. You can search for people who are “online now”, specify their age, their surgery status, where they live, what type of relationship they are looking for, and more. The admins of most of these sites make sure you aren’t exposed to fake profiles or get spam messages. At least they make every effort to!