Books and TV Shows for Children With Two Moms

It’s important for children to learn from an early age that there are different kinds of families and no type is worthier than another. This is to avoid them growing up with overly conventional views of what families should look like. Here are some great books and TV shows representing the LGBT community equally.

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding

In Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, a guinea pig named Chloe is saddened by the fact that her uncle is getting married. At first, you might attribute her fretting to the fact that her uncle is getting married to another male guinea pig. It’s not that at all – she’s just worried that they won’t be as close anymore. She thinks she’ll miss him a lot. This book focuses on how children are affected by adults’ marriages and portrays same-sex weddings as something normal.

Good Luck Charlie

In this Disney show, the Duncan teens struggled with having a new baby in the family. The second-last episode featured a family with two moms, which caused great controversy and backlash from the Christian church.

ABC: A Family Alphabet Book

We selected this book because it includes same-sex families while teaching kids the alphabet. The plot weaves through different things families do. There are biracial families, single parent-families, and same-sex parent families united by the view that being together is most important of all.

Doc McStuffins

Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi voiced two interracial lesbian moms in this Disney series. The episode in question was about an earthquake and how it taught a family to be together and support each other.

10,000 Dresses

In 10,000 Dresses, a little boy dreams of beautiful dresses. His family refuses to listen to dreams, telling him to “be a boy.” Everyone in the book refers to the boy as “he”, only the narrator as “she.” An older girl is the only accepting character in the book. While very young children probably won’t be able to grasp the complexity of gender issues, the book will be very helpful in terms of helping older kids graspthat when it comes to gender, there’s a lot of grey area. It’s a very creative book about acceptance that all children will enjoy.

Molly’s Family

Finally, this book is about a child in kindergartenwho’s told she can’t have “two moms” when in fact she does. A schoolmate tells her having two moms is impossible, and the teacher doesn’t tell him he’s wrong; only that all kinds of families exist. All this happens after Molly draws a picture of her family with her same-sex parents.