The Union: A Sex Toy Made for Lesbians

Using double sex toys are an ingenious way for lesbian partners to enjoy sex simultaneously. These sex toys are designed to maintain intimacy in a way that’s comfortable for both parties. The best part about these sex toys is that it gives women better freedom of movement while also allowing them to reverse roles when they feel like it.

In most lesbian porn films, there’s usually one giver and one receiver in any given sex scene. Often, the pleasure is one-way. This may be fine for viewers, as they’re focused on the one receiving pleasure. However, real life isn’t like a lesbian porn film. There are times when you and your partner want to enjoy sex at the same time with neither one giving or receiving more. While this can be achieved using traditional double-ended dildos, there’s an innovative sex toy that will change the concept of mutual pleasure for lesbians everywhere!

For lesbians who want to experience the heights of ecstasy together, try out the Union – a unique dual-pleasure sex toy that’s perfect for lesbian couples.

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The Union is the ultimate sex toy made by women for women. It’s double dildo that works much like a strap-on with a fascinating twist. Unlike a strap-on, the Union doesn’t rely on a harness to secure it in place. Instead, it makes use of a woman’s natural anatomy to ensure that it stays in place.

The Union has two distinct sides – a bulb part and the elongated part. The bulb part is inserted into the vagina. Because of its shape, the Union’s bulb end can stay in place even through a rough romp. This unique shape was designed to ensure that the Union also comes into contact with the most sensitive parts inside the vagina. The elongated part, on the other hand, works like a traditional strap-on, which can be used to penetrate your partner. This elongated part is also flexible, allowing you to twist and bend it according to your preference.

The Union has several features that make it one of the most pleasurable sex toys made for lesbians. Its exterior is made with 100% medical-grade, phthalate-free silicone. This silicone is velvety smooth to touch, which almost gives it a realistic, skin-like feel. On top of that, it’s also compatible with both water-based and hybrid lubricants.

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For those who are looking for some added pleasure, the Union has 5 variable vibration speeds to ensure maximum pleasure for you and your partner. The vibrating bullet inside the Union can be charged using the dedicated charger included in the package.

Lastly, the Union comes in different variants to suit different preferences. It comes in three colors – black, pink, and purple. In terms of size, the Union has three sizes – small, medium, and large.

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The dimensions of the three sizes vary only in the diameter of the elongated part. The bulb part has a consistent diameter of 1.45”, and the elongated part has a length of 5.90”. For the small size, the elongated part has a diameter of 1.06”. For the medium size, the diameter is 1.38”. For the large size, the diameter is 1.61”.

Engage in the many different ways to enjoy sex with the Union. Try out new positions that you’ve never tried before! Fulfill all your lesbian porn fantasies as you reach new pleasurable heights with this ingenious sex toy!